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X-Byte Broadband & Internet Services had started its journey in (year) and ever since, it has established many milestones in the field of internet services, broadband facilitation and communication tools in India.

We are committed to the cause of offering 100 percent secure communication services and our hackers' safe and wireless security risk-free tools are enabling Wi-Fi equipment vendors, operators and users to exploit their potential to the fullest. We achieve our connectivity goals through a smart mix of guidelines, specifications and resources. Our focus lies on making Wi-Fi experiences easier, more robust, and available to more users across our areas of operations.

As our integrated operations are strategically segmented as home and enterprise based solutions, we boast of an exhaustive portfolio that ranges from next-gen cloud-based to high-speed broadband services and more. Our solutions are result–oriented and tailored to address the dynamic needs of our customers to perfection.

Our wide range of wireless broadband services are specifically designed to provide fixed wireless and Wi-Fi to most wireless devices ,especially those that support ISM band 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz--the unlicensed band for speedy wireless transmission in wireless desktops, laptops and PCI cards).

We are consistently striving to complement the existing wireless/ broadband internet services (minimum speed: 256 Kbps and maximum speed: 1 Gbps) with our 100 percent connectivity options for fixed and portable wireless connections; in open spaces and buildings alike.

At X-Byte Broadband & Internet Services we firmly believe that mere interoperability with prevalent technologies is not enough and make consistent efforts to move beyond 3G, towards the mobile based technologies of tomorrow. In a nutshell, we promise new levels of security, access, scalability and robustness to all Wi-Fi users and operators.


1 Month Rs. 700
3 Months Rs. 1800
6 Months Rs. 3000
12 Months Rs. 5000

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1 Month Rs. 1300
3 Months Rs. 3200
6 Months Rs. 5000
12 Months Rs. 8000

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1 Month Rs. 600
3 Months Rs. 1800
6 Months Rs. 2700
12 Months Rs. 4500

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1 Month Rs. 499
3 Months Rs. 1399
6 Months Rs. 2999
12 Months Rs. 5299

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